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Gungurru Organic Produce care about our environment and have real concerns about products containing artificial ingredients, or worse,  products containing Genetically modified Organisms (GMO's) . We believe you have to feel 100% confident that the products you consume whether they are things you put in your mouth or things you put on your skin are safe to use, have left a low carbon footprint and are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner.

We folk here at Gungurru are passionate about healthy food, produced by sustainable means and are committed to the supply of great tasting wholefoods that don't cost the earth. It is more about what you won’t find in the products that we sell  that makes us different. Simple foods with simple ingredients. No chemicals, no artificial colourings and flavourings, no numbered additives, no thickeners or preservatives - you just need to look at the contents panel of any  products in our range to understand what we are about.

Our customers range from the very large commercial enterprise  to the very small family unit, in fact to all those concerned about the quality of food they eat and whether it's grown in an environmentally sustainable manner are frequenters to our site. We distribute all over Australia although most of our business centres itself around Victoria and Tasmania.  In conjunction with the opening of this information based website that Gungurru established for all those concerned about their diet and their lifsstyle and are thirsty for information about the products they use every day, we have also opened an on line store where a select range of the more difficult to source nutritional and functional foods can be easily purchased by the general public at an affordable price. Products as diverse as the plethora of products manufactured by & imported by Pureharvest, the Planet Organic nutritional supplements and herbal teas, Aubrey Organics Hair Care & Skin Care products, Thomas Chipman & Mexicana snack foods and Stoney Creek Organic Flax Seed Oil and Flax Seed Meal are all now readily available simply by clicking the "On-Line Sales Menu" of this site.

Please Note: The website was established & is currently set up to serve Australian customers.  If you are overseas you are still able to purchase from Gungurru but you will need to communicate with us via email. Puchasing for overseas customers is straightforward enough but the website will throw up an error message if you attempt to order that way, so please communicate via the "Contact Us" tab above and we can explain the simple procedure.



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