Bourbon Vanilla Powder Organic 10gm

Bourbon Vanilla Powder from Madagascar

Pure Organic Vanilla Powder in 10gm screw top jar

Certified Organic - ZA Bio-612, Lacon GmbH & USDA

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EAN# 6009617861886

Khoisan Tea’s Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar is from the Planifolia type and it grows in the north-east region between Vohemar and Antalaha. Madagascar produces most of the world’s vanilla beans and it is master of flavour development with a quality known among vanilla extract producers as the most distinctive in the world.

We have nearly 20 years’ experience in the industry and have one of the biggest organic projects in Madagascar.

How we make our Bourbon Vanilla your Bourbon Vanilla

Vanilla cultivation is an art that has been passed from generation to generation. Interestingly, vanilla grows mostly in the wild and is controlled by small farmers (some have only a few sq meters to harvest) and it is only in recent years that some vanilla is grown on plantations.

To get a flavourful vanilla product, a labour-intensive process is followed. Every vanilla flower (orchid) has to be pollinated by hand due to the fact that the insect that used to do this job no longer exists. After 24 hours of pollination, the fruit begins to ripen and it takes several weeks for the pods to attain a length between 10-20cm.

At the right time, usually in July, Vanilla is harvested asa tasteless green fruit. During the harvest time, the green beans are dipped in hot water to activate the fermentation process. Then they are packed in bulk into isolated containers, where they are left to ferment. It is during this process that the pods turn to a familiar dark-brown colour and their unique aroma begins to develop. Subsequently, the vanilla pods (beans) are dried slowly and laboriously between sun, shade and a storeroom in the evenings. If it rains, the beans have to be packed into the storerooms immediately. After a few weeks, the vanilla can then be dried in shade only until it reaches the correct moisture content and flavour. Once ready, it is sorted by length, bundled and packed neatly into metal containers for shipment.

Bourbon Vanilla        Simply Mix into any hot or cold foods or drinks where vanilla extract could be used - One tsp of vanilla powder = roughly one vanilla pod

And, what is it that makes Vanilla such a treat?

Vanilla mainly consists of water, fat, wax, sugar and cellulose (98%).

What is interesting is that 2% consists of +/- 400 different aromatic components as identified thus far. This is truly amazing and can only be accomplished by Mother Nature. It is believed that vanilla has even more aromatic components… the search continues.

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