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We have also included an "On Line Sales" menu where some of the more obscure products that aren't readily available in retail outlets have been made available for sale to on line viewers.

Wholemeal Spelt Four 036S

White Unbleached Spelt Flour 038S

Both certified oragnic: ACO

Code N08

APN: 9312231262814

Certified Organic: ACO

Also available in 25kg sacks (036WGM)

Product Code: N104

APN: 9312231141041

Certified Organic ACO

Also available in a 25kg sack (036SR)

Product Code: N22

APN: 9312231262968

Certified Organic ACO

Glurten Free

Also available in a 25kg sack (038BSG)


APN: 9312231262975

ACO Certified

Also available in a 25kg sack (030AUS)


APN: 9312231262999

ACO Certified

Milled in NSW at Wholegrain Milling (Certified Demeter)

Also available in a 25kg Sack (038WGM)


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