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Re-order Code: FWC501

APN: 8032804460464

Gluten Free

100% Organic certified

Ingredients: 100% organic Buckwheat Flour

Energy: kj1469 per 100gm

Fat: 2.9gm per 100gm

Carbohydrate: 67gm per 100gm

Sugars: 0.9gm per 100gm

Fibre: 4.5gm per 100gm

Protein: 11gm per 100gm

Salt: 0gm

Reorder Code: FWC401

APN: 8032804436121

Gluten Free

100% Organic certified

Ingredients: 100% Organic Brown Rice Flour

Energy: kj1481 per 100gm

Fat: 2.8gm per 100gm

Carbohydrate: 72gm per 100gm

Sugars: 0.8gm per 100gm

Fibre: 3.2gm per 100gm

Protein: 7.5gm per 100gm

Salt: 0gm

Order Code: FWC152

APN: 8032804431522

Certified Organic: ECOGRUPPO ITALIA - P159

# Gluten Free

Ingredients: 100% Buckwheat Flour

Reorder Code: FWC29

APN: 803280443110

Certified Organic: Ecocert

Gluten Free

Reorder Code: FWC28

APN: 803280443066

Certified Organic: Ecocert

Gluten free


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