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Raw - Cold Pressed

Coconut Oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (of Medium Chain Fatty Acids) and these are fatty acids of a certain length, as the name suggests. They're considered easily digestible and beneficial fats, and instead of being metabolized through digestion like other foods, these fats are processed in the liver. Coconut Oil is sometimes referred to as MCT OIl.   100% pure coconut oil  (MCT Oil) delivers a significant amount of the faster burning chains C8: Caprylic Acid and C10: Capric Acid (58.5% and 41.3% respectively), allowing for a longer energy curve and an optimized digestive experience.

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The overpowering taste of many commercial brands of toasted sesame oil destroys the delicate balance of flavor required to do many authentic Asian dishes. Only the careful, slow processing used by traditional sesame producers maintains and preserves the subtle flavor of roasted sesame seeds.


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