Stoney Creek Golden Flax Seed Meal Organic 500gm

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Certified Organic: NASAA
Flaxseed meal is rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, protein (and lignans - which the body converts into beneficial phyto-oestrogens). It can be added to almost any food – eg sprinkled over breakfast cereals, natural yoghurt and fruit, mixed into drinks, or used in fruit loaves, health bars, cakes and bread.

Flaxseed meal provides a very palatable and nutritious alternative to bran or psyllium products.

The Stoney Creek Story
Founded in 1992 by Fred and Coral Davies, Stoney Creek Oil Products is based on the Davies family farm near Talbot, in Central Victoria - about two hours north-west of Melbourne.
The family company originated as a value adding business on the fourth-generation farming property, to contribute organically-grown products to the health food market, to provide employment opportunities for the local community - and provide tangible, ongoing support for Australian farmers.
Extensive market research in the early 1990’s had revealed 95% of cold- pressed oils on the Australian market were imported, expensive and of unsuitable quality. This provided an environment favourable to the development of new products - particularly in the burgeoning Flaxseed market.
In response to demand for its products, Stoney Creek has recently expanded production capacity significantly, and is now a major processor of specialty edible oils in the Australian market. The company is recognised as a market leader for freshness and purity of its cold-pressed oilseed products – particularly premium quality organic Flaxseed oils and Flaxseed meal.
Stoney Creek continues to foster sustainable farming, and supports the rights of Australians to consume foods that are nutritious and not genetically altered. To that end, Stoney Creek now embraces minimum till and pasture cropping methodology, and stands proudly upon their commitment to Healthy Farm. Healthy Food. – just recently released as a registered trade mark.