Pureharvest Natural Rice Cakes (thick) - no salt 150gm

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Reorder Code: 301CR6 # NEW STAY FRESH PLASTIC FOIL PACKAGING APN: 9312231301100 Kosher, Gluten Free

Pureharvest Rice Cakes are made thick & crunchy and really satisfy those hunger pangs, and because they're made from Australian wholegrain brown rice (with nothing added!) they satisfy your need to snack smart. Eat them straight out of the bag or top with a tasty spread like peanut butter or cottage cheese as a light snack or smoked leg ham, tomato and light cheese for a mini meal. Pureharvest Natural Rice Cakes are gluten free, cholesterol free, 97% fat free and have no added salt or sugar. We simply soak the whole grain before puffing to create a light-textured natural alternative to bread. # Plastic foil Plastic foil is used for packaging and storing food products. It keeps food fresh, preserves its natural aroma and taste, protects against drying.