Pureharvest Sesame Rice Thins Organic 150gm

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EAN 9312231301209
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Reorder Code: 301S # NEW STAYFRESH PLASTIC FOIL PACKAGING APN: 9312231301209 Certified Organic: ACO Kosher, Gluten Free
Organic Sesame Rice Cakes . Purely the best. Pureharvest Organic Sesame Rice Cakes are delicious and are 96% fat free as well as cholesterol and gluten free. They can be enjoyed spread with your favourite spread, topped with vegetables or meat as a delicious snack, or as a bread substitute for sandwiches. This product contains organic whole brown rice, sesame seeds and a pinch of sea salt. Classifications: Australian Made Australian Owned GMO Free No Artificial Colours No Artificial Flavours Organic Vegan # Plastic foil Plastic foil is used for packaging and storing food products. It keeps food fresh, preserves its natural aroma and taste, protects against drying.