Thomas Chipman Sweet Potato Chips 75gm

Product Code 296TCSP
EAN 9313495004578
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4.15 AUD

APN: 9313495004578
Certified Organic: ACO
Gluten Free
Organic sweet potato, organic vegetable oil, sea salt. May contain traces of milk protein.

Thomas Chipman and their use of Organic “RSPO Certified Sustainable” Palm Kernel Oil:
Many consumers are wary of the use of palm kernel oil and with good reason. The dramatic destruction of natural rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia leading to the endangered species tag being applied to the Orang-Utang due the rapid destruction of their natural habitat. However leaving that very serious issue aside there are sustainable ways of growing the Oil Palm that don’t involve indiscriminate deforestation.
Since 2003, about half of the world’s palm oil growers and processors, together with retailers and leading environmental and social NGO’s such as WWF and OXFAM International, have come together to form the ”Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Their global guidelines for producing palm oil sustainably have been described as the toughest standards for sustainable agricultural production in the world and have been variously adapted now to other crops as well as to Palm oil. In addition to using only RSPO certified oil & certified organic oil (ACO) the palm olein oil used by Thomas Chipman also carries the “Rainforest Alliance” certification.
What you may not have known about Oil Palm fruits is that they are highly efficient, year round producers of oil, so their cultivation requires far less land than that of any other oil producing crop. For example one hectacre planted with oil palms can yield up to six tonnes of oil per year. That’s up to 10 times more than for soybean, rapeseed (canola) or sunflower. Put simply this means oil palms require less land area to produce the same quantity of oil and use less energy in the growing and the manufacture or the finished oil.