Pureharvest 'Cafe Style' Organic Soy Milk 1lt

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Certified Organic (ACO) Gluten Free Lactose Free Low Fat No Added Oil No Added cane Sugar 100% Australian Made

NB: ''Soy also has a lower caramelisation point than cows' milk, so you have to literally burn it to get it to a temperature that most people will accept. Ideally, you'd only heat it 55o and definitely no higher than 60o. ## One of the issue is that with the quality of green beans coming into the country improving, and with coffee makers roasting lighter (to bring out the natural acidity in higher-grade coffee) the proteins in soy simply don't react so well. The result of these two issues, the temperature and the lighter roasting there is a danger of splitting the soy milk (creating curds & whey). This is not an indication that there is something wrong with the soy or that its old. Just be patient (diligently check temperatures) and experiment to find the right balance Dom's Tips for the perfect Soy Latte:- Soy is full of proteins which reacts with acid and disrupts the balance of these proteins. This is what causes the clumping and the curdling you have seen from time to time in a poorly made soy latte. Think of it as a power balance. When the proteins are in power we achieve a perfectly silky soy latte, but when the acid gains power we get curdling.