Pureharvest Self Raising Flour Organic 1kg

Product Code N104
EAN 9312231141041
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5.70 AUD

APN: 9312231141041
Certified Organic ACO
Also available in a 12.5kg sack (036SRS)

Organic Flour
This Organic flour has been milled to specification under N.A.S.A.A. certification and then re-certified under our own ACO certification from selected Organically grown high protein Bread wheats; and is suitable for a wide range of bold and attractive Breads.
Self-Raising Flour
Self-raising flour contains bi-carbonate of soda and a phosphate aerator which combines with moisture and heat to produce a gas which raises the product. Wheats for the base flour have been carefully chosen and milled to produce a dough that is soft , smooth and extensible, thereby making this flour especially useful for cakes, scones, sponges, pikelets and certain types of biscuits.