Sun Muscat Dried Raisins Organic 12.5kg (product of Australia)

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Certified Organic: ACO
Product of Australia

The sunmuscat is one of nature’s mysterious blessings.

Sunmuscat raisins are a delicious cross between of a sultana and a raisin. Unique to Australia, the combination gives them a mellow muscat taste. The delectable descendant of bloodstock has resulted in a true raisin flavour.
With a glowing golden tan, devoid of seeds and a reverend sultana appearance, it’s an irresistible combination that represents its Australian heritage.
“These little fruit bombs are bursting with real flavour” and can be added to a vast number of sweet and savoury recipes - or eaten by the handful. They can be a delightful ingredient in cakes, puddings, curries, salads or muesli and are the perfect choice for Easter buns. Sunmuscat raisins are a healthy, high-fibre snack and an essential pantry staple.