Almonds Organic Guara Variety 10kg

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Certified Organic: ACO Product of Spain Guara Variety

A sweet-tasting variety with a round shape and light brown skin. Due to its 100 % sweet guarantee, it is ideal for preparing nougat and ice cream, as well as for roasting and frying. This is a very early variety which is self-fertilising, late flowering, early ripening and high-very high productivity. Easy to prune and shape. Very rustic and not inclined to produce fruit one year every two. Average resistance to freezing. Sensitive to Polystigma Fulvum. Principal Characteristics Robustness: Average Bearing: Very open Branches: Average, scarce Flowering: Late Ripening: Early (beginning, middle of August) Shell: Hard Performance: 30-34% Production: High –very high Fruit bearing: Located on fruit spurs and advance branches Tolerance: Average tolerance to cold Proneness: Sensitive to Polystigma Fulvum and Fusicoccum