Pureharvest Organic Unsweetened Rice Milk (with added Calcium) 1lt (Ctn of 12)

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Organic Certification: ACO

# Added Calcium




Gluten Free

    Ingredient Listing Filtered water, Organic Brown Rice (14%), Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Organic Seaweed*,  Sea Salt.

              *Calcium Source (see info in more info screen)

Aussie Dream Rice Milk Enriched  is naturally sweet and enriched with plant based calcium. It is based on a traditional oriental food  and is ideal for those have alactose or soy intolerance. The goodness or our rice milk comes from organic brown rice. Dieticians often precribe brown rice to those sufferening allergic reactions to something in their diet because they see brown rice as hyper allergenic. 


  • Filtered Water
  • Organic Whole Brown Rice (15%)
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Plant Calcium
  • Sea Salt





Serving Size: 250 ml (4 per pack) Quantity per serving Quantity per 100ml
Energy 500kj 200kj
Protein 1.5g 0.6g
Gluten Not Detected Not Detected
Total Fat 2.0g 0.8g
Saturated 0.3g 0.1g
Trans Not Detected Not Detected
Polyunsaturated 0.3g 0.1g
Monounsaturated 2g 0.8g
Cholesterol Not Detected Not Detected
Carbohydrate 22.5g 9.0g
Sugars 7.8g 3.1g
Lactose Not Detected Not Detected
Galactose Not Detected Not Detected
Sodium 163mg 65mg
Calcium 300mg 120mg
Dietary Fibre Less than 1mg Less than 1mg


Re the calcium supplement used in our Aussie Dream Enriched

• Aquamin ™ is a 100% natural calcium source derived from a seaweed, Lithothamnium
Calcareum - a red coloured species. The source of AquaMin ™ is off the southwest coast
of Ireland, amongst the clear, pollution free Atlantic waters, which are rich in naturally
occurring minerals.
• Aquamin™ is unique among all calcium sources.
• Aquamin ™ contains some 34%, but is also rich in other essential minerals.
• Aquamin ™ is both Certified Organic and Kosher.
• Aquamin™ is a Lactose and Phosphate free form of Calcium.
• Aquamin™ is suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans.
• Aquamin™ is neutral in taste, a non-hygroscopic off-white powder and is produced to
both IS09002 and HACCP Quality Standards.
• Aquamin™ offers superior functionality in terms of both Technology and Nutrition.
• Aquamin™ can be applied successfully to a wide range of food applications.
• Aquamin™ is approved for use in all Foods & Beverage applications.
• Aquamin™ Health Certified for use in Foods & Dietary supplements globally.
• Aquamin TM on labelling can be declared as "Natural Calcium Source".